Truck Bed Seats: A Convenient Solution for Extra Seating Needs

Truck bed seats have transformed the way we perceive vehicle space and utility. By bridging the gap between functionality and style, these innovative truck solutions offer a fresh perspective on maximizing your vehicle’s potential.

In accordance with my own background, I intuitively feel that the evolution of truck bed seats isn’t just about the additional seating. They represent a blend of practicality, from waterproof protection to custom designs, catering to diverse needs and price ranges. With the introduction of products like ‘BedRyder’, their appeal now extends beyond trucks, finding relevance in vans and other vehicles.

bench seat for truck bed

As we venture into this topic, Richs Auto Body Shop will uncover the depth and versatility of truck bed seats, ensuring you’re equipped with vital information and insights. In this article, we aim to enlighten and guide you through the world of truck bed seating solutions.

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Are You Allowed to Ride in the Bed of a Truck?

Truck bed seats, while a creative solution to expand the seating capacity of vehicles come with a myriad of legal stipulations that vary by state. From my experience and expertise, it’s essential to delve deep into these regulations for clarity. Space limitations sometimes make the cargo area a tempting option for passengers. However, certain laws and safety concerns govern this practice. For example, Ohio’s Open Cargo Law plays a significant role in this discussion. It restricts transporting passengers in open cargo spaces, specifically prohibiting individuals under 16 from riding in an unenclosed area of a vehicle traveling faster than 25 mph.

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Yet, a contrasting perspective emerges when we consider that twenty states, such as Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, and Indiana, have no laws against passenger transport in a truck bed. However, even within these states, there might be conditions to meet. Some require a federally-approved restraint system for passengers in the bed of a pickup. Places like North Carolina stipulate that only those above 16 can ride in a truck bed unless it’s enclosed. On the job, employees can also utilize the back of a truck in states like Georgia.

pickup truck bed seats

But, addressing the broader question: “Are You Allowed to Ride in the Bed of a Truck?” The short answer to this question is NO. Even the safest of drivers might face unforeseen circumstances that force them to swerve or come to a sudden stop, making the truck bed a potentially unsafe space. While some places like Tennessee might have provisions allowing it, understanding the specific nuances of each state’s laws and prioritizing safety is paramount.

The Evolution of Truck Bed Seats

The evolution of truck bed seats encapsulates a journey of both practicality and luxury. From my experience and expertise, I feel that their growth mirrors the broader changes and shifts in the pickup truck industry.

When we trace back to 2007, Innovative Truck Bed Seating systems emerged as pioneers, introducing bench seats, bucket variants, and recliner styles tailored for pickup trucks. The market witnessed a transformation wherein trucks with beds longer than 5 feet became scarce, and many were discontinued. Concurrently, the rise of hybrid and EV pickups sparked fresh conversations and anticipations. Considerations shifted, as users like the F250 owner contemplated adding jump seats for journeys.

By understanding trucks from their foundational role, we recognize that until the 1980s, most pickups in the U.S. had a singular design ethos—a single cab providing seating for three at most on a singular bench. The Rugged History of the Pickup Truck tells us about the utility-first approach.

pick up truck with seats in the bed

The vehicle itself transitioned into the coveted possession, marked by designs like flat top rails and contrasting the earlier sloped versions. Trucks that have graced our roads since 1981, undergoing numerous iterations, symbolize the dynamic nature of the trucking world.

Why Choose Truck Bed Seats? Unpacking the Benefits

Choosing the right modification for your vehicle often stems from a blend of necessity and personal preference. Truck bed seats, a novel addition to the world of automotive enhancements, have carved a niche for themselves. Based on the wisdom gained from my own journey, I have a perception that these seats are not just about utility but also about amplifying the driving experience. So, why exactly should you consider this addition?

  • Maximized Space Utilization: Turn that empty truck bed into a lively seating area. Whether it’s an unplanned trip with extra friends or a family outing, these seats ensure you never run out of space.
  • Versatility & Easy Installation: With the promise to increase your truck’s seating comfort and outdoor fun, these seats also offer flexibility. They can be swiftly installed in roughly 10 minutes and just as quickly removed, ensuring the complete use of your truck bed when needed.
  • Enhanced Social Experience: Whether it’s a beach trip or a night under the stars, truck bed seats elevate the experience. It brings the joy of the outdoors closer, making moments memorable.
  • Customized Aesthetic Appeal: Innovative Truckbed Seats provide a variety of options. From bench to bucket seats available in diverse colors like white, red, gold, and charcoal, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.
  • Safety with Convenience: Designed keeping user ease in mind, these seats not only ensure safety but also offer convenience. For instance, kids can easily climb over the truck’s back seats or use the specialized door that leads directly to the truck bed.
Seat Type Available Colors
Bench White, Red, Gold, Brown, Light Blue, Navy, Green, Sand, Gray, Charcoal
Bucket White, Red, Gold, Brown, Light Blue, Navy, Green, Sand, Gray, Charcoal

truck bed bench seats

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In essence, truck bed seats are more than just a functional addition. They represent a lifestyle choice, blending comfort with aesthetics, all while ensuring maximum utility. If you’re contemplating an upgrade, these seats beckon with a promise of a transformed truck experience.

Exploring the Different Types of Truck Bed Seats

The world of trucks is vast and varied. Within it lies a niche, yet significant, realm of customization and comfort – truck bed seats. These aren’t merely modifications; they’re statements of style, practicality, and personal preference. For those uninitiated, truck bed seats might seem like a simple addition, but there’s much more to them than meets the eye. Drawing from extensive insights and understanding, let’s dive deeper into the multifaceted world of truck bed seats.

Bench Truck Bed Seats

Originating from the classic designs of old pickups, bench seats stretch across the length of the truck bed. Their primary allure lies in their capacity to accommodate several passengers simultaneously, making them perfect for family gatherings, group outings, or even just a bunch of friends catching a drive-in movie.


  • Higher Seating Capacity: Can comfortably seat multiple people, maximizing the utility of the truck bed.
  • Uniform Aesthetics: Offers a streamlined look, keeping with the traditional feel of trucks.


  • Compromised Comfort: A single structure might not cater to individual comfort needs as effectively as separate seats.

Bucket Truck Bed Seats

Drawing inspiration from the front seats of most modern vehicles, bucket seats cater to individual comfort. Each seat is a distinct unit, offering a more contoured and snug fit, much like a glove for your posterior.


  • Individual Comfort: As each seat is separate, passengers can enjoy a more tailored seating experience.
  • Versatility: These seats can be adjusted, removed, or rearranged individually based on the situation.


  • Space Consumption: Being individual units, they might not optimize space as efficiently as bench seats.

crew cab truck back seat bed

Recliner Truck Bed Seats

For those who equate trucks with luxury – yes, they exist – recliner truck bed seats are the pinnacle of comfort. Whether you’re gazing at the stars on a clear night or just lounging on a lazy afternoon, these seats adjust to your desired angle.


  • Supreme Comfort: Adjustable angles ensure a relaxing experience.
  • Premium Feel: Elevates the truck’s ambiance, giving it a luxury vehicle touch.


  • Cost: Tends to be on the pricier side due to the enhanced features.
  • Reduced Seating Capacity: The mechanics of the reclining feature might reduce the overall number of passengers the bed can accommodate.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Truck Bed Seats

For the hands-on truck owners who view their vehicle as an extension of themselves, DIY truck bed seats offer a canvas to express creativity. From materials to designs, everything reflects the individual’s preferences.


  • Personalized Touch: Every element can mirror the owner’s taste, making the truck bed truly unique.
  • Budget-Friendly: If you’ve got the materials and skills, it might come out cheaper than commercial options.


  • Time-Consuming: Requires a significant time investment, especially if you’re aiming for perfection.
  • Safety Concerns: If not executed properly, DIY seats might not meet standard safety guidelines.

Foldable Truck Bed Seats

In a world where adaptability is key, foldable truck bed seats resonate with those who want flexibility. Use them when you need them, and fold them away when you don’t; they’re the transformers of truck seats.


  • Space Optimization: Easily fold away the seats to free up space for cargo.
  • User-friendly: Intuitive designs mean they’re easy to set up and pack away.


  • Durability Concerns: Folding mechanisms might wear out over time, compromising the seat’s lifespan.

Comparison Table of Truck Bed Seats

Type Main Feature Best For
Bench Truck Bed Seats Accommodates several passengers Group outings, family gatherings
Bucket Truck Bed Seats Individual comfort Personalized seating experience
Recliner Truck Bed Seats Adjustable angles for supreme comfort Night gazing, relaxed lounging
DIY Truck Bed Seats Personalized designs & creativity Hands-on truck owners, customization enthusiasts
Foldable Truck Bed Seats Easy foldability for space optimization Truck owners needing adaptable seating solutions

bed for truck back seat

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The decision to incorporate truck bed seats stems from a blend of necessity and desire. With the myriad of options available, every truck owner can find something that fits their unique needs, be it practicality, luxury, or sheer creative expression. As with any modification, it’s essential to balance aesthetics with safety, ensuring that your truck remains a haven on wheels.

Making the Right Choice: Considerations When Selecting Truck Bed Seats

When it comes to customizing a truck, the seating can significantly impact both the driver’s comfort and overall safety on the road. Truck bed seats, in particular, are a unique combination of design and functionality. From the vantage point of my own encounters, I have a hunch that selecting the perfect seat is more than just about aesthetics; it’s about making informed decisions based on various critical factors.

Safety and Alertness

A quality seat can play a pivotal role in helping drivers remain vigilant during long drives, thereby enhancing road safety. It’s crucial to ensure that the seats you select have been tested and adhere to safety standards.

Ergonomic Design

Factors to consider when buying a semi-truck seat include the recommended seat height, depth, width, and backrest height. A study showed that these measurements were found to be appropriate for 82% of individuals, underscoring their importance in choosing a seat.

Size of the Pickup Truck Cab

The next “Truck Tech” aspect to think about is the size of your pickup truck cab. The dimensions will determine what kind of seats will fit comfortably without compromising on space.

Quality and Make

Considering reviews from experts, the German-made Scheel-Mann Orthopedic Seat stands out as an exemplary choice. Often deemed one of the best modifications one can make to a truck, its design is both ergonomic and stylish.

Special Seats for Special Needs

Every individual is unique. Children, for instance, come in different sizes, shapes, and temperaments. Special seats cater to these differences and ensure every passenger, regardless of their needs, travels safely and comfortably.

Factors Description
Safety Standards Ensure the seat adheres to road safety standards.
Ergonomic Design Measurements like seat height, width, and backrest are crucial.
Size of the Truck Cab Determines the type of seats that will fit.
Quality and Make Some seats, like the Scheel-Mann Orthopedic Seat, are renowned for their excellence.
Special Needs Adaptability Seats that can cater to the unique requirements of different passengers.

inflatable bed for truck back seat

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When diving into the realm of truck bed seats, it’s imperative to balance aesthetics with functionality and safety. A meticulously chosen seat can drastically elevate your driving experience while ensuring safety for all passengers. Making the right choice requires careful consideration of the factors mentioned above and personal preferences.

How to Install Truck Bed Seats: DIY Guide

From the vantage point of my own encounters, I have a hunch that installing truck bed seats can appear more intimidating than it truly is. However, with the right guidance and a systematic approach, you can not only equip your truck with comfortable seating but also turn it into a cozy sleeping space. This guide offers a meticulous walkthrough, aiding you in setting up your truck bed seats for both seating and restful slumber.

Step 1: Choosing the Ideal Seat

Your first step is to select a seat that fits well within the dimensions of your truck and adheres to any safety standards.

Step 2: Gathering Necessary Tools

To ensure a smooth installation process, prepare the following tools:

  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill with a 3/8″ drill bit

Note: If your truck has a spray liner without rails or a drop-in liner, you can conveniently install the seats over the top, making use of existing holes in the bed. In such cases, simply drill through the liner.

Step 3: Measurement and Marking

Use your tape measure to identify where you’d like the seats. Mark the positions where the brackets will attach, ensuring enough space for passengers.

Step 4: Drilling Holes

Following your marks, drill the necessary holes, taking care to wear safety gear during this step.

Step 5: Securing the Brackets and Seats

Attach the seat brackets to the drilled holes using appropriate bolts or screws. Once secure, place your seat atop the brackets, bolting it in position. For enhanced comfort, consider adding a cushion atop the seat.

Step 6: Safety Checks

Check the stability of your newly installed seat. Make sure any seat belts or restraints are functioning properly.

Step 7: Transforming Into a Sleeping Space

For those aiming to create a makeshift bed, follow this step. Once your seat is securely in place, consider building a sleeping platform. Using detailed, step-by-step directions with accompanying photos or video walkthroughs, you can transform your truck bed into a comfortable bed on wheels.

Table: Ultimate DIY Truck Bed Camper Setup

Component Description Tools Needed
Base Platform Provides the foundation for the sleeping area Saw, Screwdriver
Cushion/Mattress Ensures comfort during sleep
Storage Compartments Optional additions for holding essentials Saw, Screwdriver
Curtains/Privacy Screens Adds privacy during sleep Needle, Thread

ram truck back seat bed

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The versatility of truck bed seats allows for both seating and an innovative sleeping arrangement, making road trips and camping adventures more comfortable and convenient. With careful planning and a bit of DIY spirit, you can efficiently utilize your truck bed’s space. Always prioritize safety in both the installation and usage of your truck bed seats and sleeping setup.

Maintenance and Care for Truck Bed Seats

Truck bed seats, integral components of many truck experiences, not only amplify comfort but also infuse a touch of luxury into your rides. Through my own participation, I have developed a feeling of deep connection to these vehicular enhancements, recognizing their pivotal role in enriching our driving encounters. Their care and maintenance, therefore, rise to the pedestal of utmost importance. Here’s a guide that delves into ensuring the longevity of these precious additions.

Periodic Cover Inspection

It’s quintessential to periodically ensure that the cover is securely attached to the truck bed. Pay attention to the clamps and the front mounting bolts, ensuring they remain tight and in place. Overlooking this factor could lead to unwanted damage or wear.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Any truck enthusiast will vouch for the pride associated with owning these magnificent machines. Truck maintenance stands at the crux of preserving the vehicle’s integrity. With the same vigor, one must extend care towards the truck bed seats, making it an essential part of the ensure longevity guide.

Leather Seat Care

Leather exudes luxury. But with this opulence comes the responsibility of preserving its sheen. Routine care, such as using specialized leather cleaners and conditioners, can combat fading and cracking, ensuring your leather seats remain plush and inviting.

Cleaning Vinyl Surfaces

For those with vinyl truck bed seats, maintenance is relatively straightforward. A damp towel is usually sufficient to wipe away dirt and debris. However, for more stubborn spots, opting for a cleaner formulated for vinyl surfaces is advisable. Always finish by thoroughly drying the surface with a clean, dry cloth to prevent any residue or water spots.

Table: Truck Bed Seat Maintenance Routine

Task Frequency Tips
Cover Inspection Monthly Ensure clamps are secure
Overall Maintenance Check Bi-monthly Extend the same care to seats as to the truck
Leather Seat Care Monthly Use specialized cleaners & conditioners
Vinyl Surface Cleaning As Needed Always dry thoroughly after cleaning

bed for the back seat of a truck

In essence, the longevity and pristine condition of your truck bed seats lie squarely in consistent and meticulous care. Address each maintenance task with precision and regularity, and your seats will not only enhance the visual appeal of your truck but also promise a comfortable journey every single time.

Prioritizing Safety: Measures and Guidelines for Using Truck Bed Seats

Having been through similar situations and observing the potential risks, I am inclined to feel that the allure of truck bed seats goes beyond mere comfort or the appeal of an open-air ride. However, safety should never be compromised for novelty or convenience. When choosing and using truck bed seats, several factors demand meticulous attention to ensure the safety of passengers, especially when you’re on the move.

Adherence to Federal and State Regulations

Most state laws and federal regulations necessitate drivers to wear safety belts. Similarly, trucks and truck tractors manufactured after certain years are expected to abide by certain standards. Familiarize yourself with these laws to ensure compliance.

Proper Anchorage for Seat Belts

The anchorage requirement for seat belts plays a pivotal role in ensuring that they effectively restrain passengers in case of sudden stops or collisions. This requirement is independent and crucial regardless of the other standards a truck bed seat might meet.

Enclosing the Truck Bed

If you’ve chosen to modify your truck with a shell enclosing the bed, ensure that the design doesn’t hamper the safety of the passengers. Seats that face sideways towards the centerline should be adequately protected against the risks of lateral movement.

Age and Size-appropriate Seating

Safety isn’t just about having seat belts or robust seats; it’s also about ensuring that passengers, especially children, are seated in age- and size-appropriate car seats, booster seats, or seat belts. This factor can reduce serious injuries by up to 80%.

Continuous Safety Tips Reinforcement

Even if you have everything set up correctly, regular reinforcement of essential safety tips can go a long way. Drivers should not only ensure their safety but also be ambassadors of safety guidelines for their passengers.

Checklist Item Description Reference
Safety Belt Adherence Ensure compliance with federal and state regulations State and Federal Laws
Seat Belt Anchorage Verify proper anchorage and functionality Manufacturer’s Guide
Truck Bed Enclosure Check for secure enclosure and safe seating design Modification Manual
Appropriate Seating Ensure age- and size-appropriate seating for passengers Safety Standards
Safety Tips Reinforcement Regularly remind and educate passengers on safety tips Driver’s Handbook

bed in back seat of truck

In conclusion, while truck bed seats undoubtedly enhance the trucking experience, their use should never compromise safety. By adhering to the highlighted measures and guidelines, every journey can be both enjoyable and safe. Always prioritize safety over novelty or convenience.

FAQs about Truck Bed Seats

Can I legally install additional seats in the bed of my truck?

From my experience and expertise, I feel that while you can install anything you want in the bed of your truck, the legality varies by region. In many rural areas, you might be allowed to use bed seats on county roads, but not on state or federal highways. Yes, it’s legal in all 50 states, but always check local regulations.


Are truck bed seats safe?

The safety of truck bed seats is contentious. Most truck beds don’t have seat belts or safety features. In a collision, a passenger could be ejected from the bed, leading to severe injuries or death. From my experience, always prioritize built-in safety features when considering these seats.

Can children sit in truck bed seats?

Legally, children less than age 16 are prohibited from riding in open beds of pickup trucks without a permanent overhead restraining structure. From my expertise, I feel it’s crucial to ensure the utmost safety for children by adhering to these laws and using appropriate restraints.

Do truck bed seats come with seat belts?

While there are models that offer seat belts, many truck bed seats might not include them. In many rural areas, you can have passengers in bed for short distances, especially on county roads. However, always ensure any seating solution adheres to local and state regulations.

How many passengers can truck bed seats accommodate?

Typically, truck bed seats can fit up to three passengers, but some designs might allow for more. When including a front bench seat, the truck might accommodate up to six people. Always ensure passenger safety by not exceeding the recommended capacity.

Are there different styles of truck bed seats?

Absolutely. From my experience, truck bed seats come in various styles, including bench, bucket, and recliner. The bucket style is particularly popular, offering individual seating spaces.


Can truck bed seats be used with a truck bed cover or camper shell?

It depends on the design of the seat and the camper shell. However, from what I’ve seen, if all seatbelts are used in the cab, you can potentially use a truck bed seat with a camper shell, provided the shell was never used with other setups.

How much do truck bed seats typically cost?

Truck bed seats can vary in price. A standard pickup truck bed seat might range between $150 and $400. More sophisticated slide-in units can cost upwards of $1000. From my expertise, consider both the quality and the safety features when deciding on a budget.

Are truck bed seats weather-resistant?

Many truck bed seats are designed to be weather-resistant. Some are specifically made as a durable and weather-resistant option that’s also fade-resistant. However, always check the manufacturer’s specifications to be sure.

Can I install heating or cooling features in truck bed seats?

It is possible to incorporate heating or cooling features in truck bed seats. Some seats might require removal for this modification. Seats with cooling usually do not cost much more than those with heating. From my experience, having these features can greatly enhance the comfort level of passengers.

Conclusion for Truck Bed Seats

Truck bed seats have revolutionized the way we perceive seating options in pickup trucks. From my experience and expertise, I feel that they offer a versatile solution for those looking to maximize the utility of their vehicles, but it’s crucial to prioritize safety and legality when considering these additions. These seats cater to various needs, from additional seating capacity to enhanced comfort features like heating and cooling.

Before making a decision, it’s always wise to weigh the benefits against potential challenges and to stay informed about local regulations. If you found this post insightful, don’t keep it to yourself! Share this post with your friends, car enthusiasts, drivers, vehicle owners, and neighbors, and spread the word about the intriguing world of truck bed seats.

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