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Rights to property

At Rich’s Auto Body Shop, we treasure the originality of our products and guard it vigilantly. We allow visitors to browse through parts of our website for personal use. However, any attempts at replicating or reselling these intellectual works without written consent from us is strictly prohibited and may be subject to legal ramifications globally due to existing laws concerning properties of intellects. Our rights are clearly defined in order protect the integrity and authenticity of everything created on this domain name comprehensively.

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Modifications and changes in service

At Richsautobodyshop.com, we strive to provide the best services and features possible for our users. To ensure you remain up-to-date on any alterations or modifications that may be made to these offerings – especially regarding Terms of Service agreements. It is important to check this page regularly so as not fall out of compliance with company policies.

Termination of service

Richsautobodyshop.com reserves the right to immediately revoke your access should fraudulent or abusive behavior be detected, as well as if you fail to conform with established Terms and Conditions. If found in violation of these requirements, not only will service denial occur but legal action may also follow suit.

Agreement terminated

This agreement is a lasting commitment, the terms of which will be applicable unless either party decides to terminate it. Moreover, even after termination some parts of this contract will remain binding for an indefinite period of time – ensuring each party remains invested in upholding their responsibilities over the long-term.

Warranties disclaimed

Our website, content, materials and products are offered with “As Is” and “As Available” usage rights. This means you acknowledge the risk that comes along with using richsautobodyshop.com services as presented to you.

We extend implied warranties such as merchantability, fitness for intended useage or purpose indicated on our site plus non-infringement – including warranty of service continuity without interruption or errors/defects corrected when discovered in a timely manner.

Limitation of responsibility

Richs Auto Body Shop and its affiliates strive to provide the best services possible. However, customers should be aware that we cannot take responsibility for any losses or damages incurred in using our service. This includes financial costs, physical injuries, as well as psychological impact from potential data errors/corruption. We advise all users of our products exercise caution when utilizing them.

Our services strive to give users the best possible experience. However, in order to maintain a secure and beneficial environment for our community of members we must reserve the right to limit access or usage of certain features on our website. We do this with utmost consideration for all parties involved – safeguarding both other users and ourselves from any potential risks that can arise.

Content from outside the site

Richs Auto Body Shop delivers users a comprehensive selection of third-party content, ads and websites. Rich’s commitment to quality user experience means they make every effort to deliver high caliber sources that are dependable and accurate – although cannot be held accountable for any material or resources offered by external providers on their respective platforms/websites.


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Legal jurisdiction

Both parties agree to personally submit any disputes that may arise from this contract or with richsautobodyshop.com exclusively to the jurisdiction specified by richsautobodyshop.com, and thereby guarantee a swift resolution process for all legal issues involved.

Furthermore, in accordance with local regulations, only those provisions found invalid through court proceedings will be removed from these Terms. Leaving remaining oppositions fully intact and enforceable under the law.


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