How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Truck: A Comprehensive Guide

How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Truck is an important question for anyone considering investing in vehicle wraps. When it comes to wrapping a truck, there are several factors that can affect the cost. The size of the vehicle, the complexity of the design, and the materials used all play a part in determining the final price.

Are you thinking about having your truck professionally wrapped? Whether you’re aiming to give your ride a facelift or looking to promote your business, wrapping a truck is an effective way to transform the look of any vehicle. But before heading down that road, you should know all the costs involved in wrapping a truck.

how much does it cost to wrap a truck

In this comprehensive guide, Rich’s auto body goes over different wrap types and materials as well as pricing information so that you know exactly what kind of financial commitment is required for such an endeavor. Read on to discover everything there is to learn about how much it costs to wrap a truck!

What is a Truck Wrap?

A truck wrap is a large graphic or decal that covers the entire external surface area of a vehicle, typically large trucks, and vans. It usually consists of printed vinyl material featuring artwork in full color, including photographs and other visuals that can attract potential customers’ attention.

how much to wrap a truck

When properly designed and installed, a truck wrap can offer an additional form of advertising while also providing protection against scratches and other damage to your vehicle’s paint job. Truck wraps are an effective way to quickly get more visibility for your business without continually having to change out expensive large-scale print ads. They’re also low-cost and can be installed fairly quickly.

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How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Truck?

Wrapping a truck can cost between $1400 to $5200 depending on the size of the vehicle and the complexity of the project. The cost is also influenced by other factors such as the quality of material used, number of colors in the design, any added features like lamination, surface condition of the vehicle, specialty tools needed to work on complex projects, the labor involved, and various taxes.

cost to wrap a truck

It is important to find experienced professionals who can provide you with an exact estimate if you are considering wrapping your truck. A great way to get an accurate quote is by visiting a few wrap shops and comparing the estimates. It is also advisable to look around and get quotes from multiple companies as the cost of wrapping a truck can differ depending on the shop.

Types of Truck Wraps

There are several types of wraps available for truck owners, each offering unique benefits suited to different needs. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options:

Full Vehicle Wraps

A full wrap covers every surface of your truck including doors, tailgate, and hood. It is designed to transform the entire appearance of your vehicle. This type of wrap typically has the highest cost due to the amount of labor and materials required for installation.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, a partial wrap may be the best choice. This type of wrap covers only certain parts of your truck such as the hood, doors, bed, or tailgate. Partial wraps are usually less expensive than full vehicle wraps and can be customized to suit your needs.

cost to wrap truck

Color Change Wraps

If you want to give your truck a new look without spending too much, color change wraps are the way to go. They provide a cost-effective solution for changing the color of any vehicle without the need for expensive paint jobs.

Spot Graphics

Spot graphics are decals that can be used to highlight certain parts of your truck. They are typically less expensive than full and partial wraps but still provide a unique way to customize the look of any vehicle.

Materials Used for Wrapping a Truck

The material used is one of the most important factors that influence the cost of wrapping a truck. Different types of materials offer various benefits, so it’s important to assess your needs before making a decision. Here are some common materials used for vehicle wraps:


Vinyl is the most popular material used for wrapping a truck. It offers excellent durability, UV protection, and flexibility which makes it ideal for use on various surfaces. Vinyl wraps are available in different colors, finishes, and textures, making them perfect for creating custom designs.


Metallic wraps utilize aluminum or chrome-like films to give your truck a unique look. They are extremely durable and offer excellent protection from the elements. Metallic wraps can be a bit more expensive than other materials but they offer an impressive finish that is sure to stand out from the crowd.

cost of wrapping a truck


Textured wraps are perfect for those looking to add unique accents to their vehicles. They come in various textures such as carbon fiber, leather, wood grain, and more which can be used to create a custom design. Textured wraps are usually less expensive than other materials but they require special care during installation.

Cast Vinyl

Cast vinyl wraps are designed for curved surfaces as well as complex design features such as textured patterns and contour cuts. They are more expensive than standard vinyl wraps but provide better protection and a longer lifespan.

Matte & Gloss Finishes

The type of finish you choose can also affect the cost of wrapping your truck. Matte and gloss finishes are popular choices as they offer a unique look that stands out from the crowd. Gloss wraps provide a glossy, reflective sheen while matte wraps have a duller look with less reflection.

The Benefits of Truck Wraps

Truck wraps offer a wide range of benefits to vehicle owners, including increased visibility and protection from the elements. Here are some of the advantages of wrapping your truck:

Increased Visibility

Wrapping your truck can help increase its visibility on the roads by making it stand out from other vehicles. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that rely on their vehicles for advertising and branding purposes.

Improved Protection

Truck wraps provide an extra layer of protection for your vehicle’s paint job, helping to keep it looking newer for longer. The wrap also helps protect the surface from UV damage, dirt, and debris which can cause costly repairs over time.

how much is it to wrap a truck

Cost Savings

Wrapping your truck is significantly less expensive than a traditional paint job, making it an excellent cost-effective solution for changing the look of any vehicle. Wraps are also much quicker and easier to apply which can help save time and money in the long run.

Improved Durability

Truck wraps are designed to be highly durable and can last for up to 5 years with proper maintenance. This makes them an excellent long-term investment that can help protect the value of your vehicle over time.

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In conclusion, wrapping your truck is a great way to customize the look of any vehicle and provide added protection from the elements. It’s important to weigh your options before making a decision and assess which material, finish, and design features are best suited for your needs. By doing this, you can ensure that your truck wrap will look great and last for many years to come.

Factors determining the price of Truck Wraps

The cost of wrapping a truck will depend on several factors, including the type of material used, the size and complexity of the design as well as any additional features such as textured finishes or contour cuts. Here are some of the main factors that influence how much it will cost to wrap your truck:

Material Cost

The type of material you choose for your wrap will impact the overall cost. Standard vinyl wraps are usually cheaper than metallic or textured materials. However, more expensive materials can provide greater durability and protection from the elements.

Design Complexity

The complexity of your design and any additional features such as contour cuts or textured finishes will also affect the cost. The size of the project will also determine the final price, with larger wraps usually costing more.

how much does it cost to vinyl wrap a truck

Installation Costs

The cost of installation will vary depending on the complexity of the wrap and whether you choose to have it professionally installed or attempt it yourself. Professional installers typically charge a flat rate for their services but this can be offset by DIY options if you are experienced with vehicle wraps.

Size of the truck

The size and shape of your truck will also play a major role in the cost of your wrap. Smaller trucks usually require less material and time to complete, while larger vehicles require more materials and installation time. This means that wrapping a large truck can be significantly more expensive than wrapping a smaller one.

Artwork coverage

The amount of artwork coverage on the wrap will also affect the cost. Fully wrapped trucks usually require a higher material and installation fee than partial wraps, which only cover certain areas of your vehicle.

Nature of art

The nature of the artwork, such as photography and illustrations, will also influence the overall cost. High-resolution artwork may require special materials or printing techniques which could add to the final price of your wrap.

how much does it cost to wrap a truck yourself

These are some of the factors that will determine the cost of wrapping your truck. By taking them into consideration and assessing which options are best suited to your needs, you can find an affordable wrap that will give your vehicle a new look without breaking the bank.

Tips to help you save money when wrapping your truck

Wrapping your truck can be an excellent investment, but it’s important to make sure that you get the most out of your money. Here are some tips that can help you save money when wrapping your truck:

Shop around and compare prices

Different wrap shops offer different rates so it’s important to shop around and compare prices before making a decision. Be sure to read customer reviews and ask for estimates from multiple providers so you can find the best deal.

Choose an experienced installer

Choosing a reliable and experienced wrap installer can help you save money in the long run. Professional installers are knowledgeable about wrap materials, techniques, and best practices, so they can ensure that the job is done right and within your budget.

how much does it cost to wrap a pickup truck

Opt for partial wraps

Partial wraps are an excellent way to save money as they only cover certain areas of your truck, such as a hood or door panel. This type of wrap requires less material and installation time, making it more cost-effective than a full wrap.

Research materials and designs

Before getting your wrap, research the different types of materials and designs that are available. While more expensive materials typically provide greater durability and protection from the elements, it’s important to weigh the cost against your needs to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Don’t Wrap the Roof

Wrapping the roof of your truck may seem like a great way to give your vehicle an extra boost, but it can be both difficult and expensive. It’s important to remember that wrapping the roof will require more materials and installation time, so it may not be worth the extra cost.

how much does it cost to get a truck wrapped

Thoroughly Check the Design Layout

Before getting your wrap installed, make sure that the design layout is correct and that all of the artwork is to your satisfaction. It’s also important to ensure that the wrap fits properly and covers all of the areas you want to be wrapped.

By taking these steps and using the tips above, you can help ensure that your truck wrap is both cost-effective and looks great. With the right preparation, you can get the most out of your wrap without having to break the bank.

What are the Popular Truck Wrap Colors?

When getting your truck wrapped, it’s important to choose the right color scheme to ensure that your artwork stands out and makes a statement. While there are thousands of different colors available, the most popular truck wrap colors tend to be shades of white, black, gray, and blue. Here is an overview of some of the most popular truck wrap colors:

White Truck Wraps

White wraps are classic and timeless, making them a great option for those looking to give their vehicle a sleek and modern look. They also provide an excellent backdrop to showcase any artwork or logos, as well as create a uniform look when combined with other colors.

Black Truck Wraps

Black wraps are ideal for those looking to give their truck an aggressive and stylish look. It also pairs well with brighter colors for a striking contrast that will turn heads wherever you go.

what's the average cost to wrap a truck

Gray Truck Wraps

Gray wraps are a great choice for those who want a more subtle approach without sacrificing style or sophistication. It provides a timeless canvas that can be customized with a variety of colors and designs.

Blue Truck Wraps

Blue wraps offer a unique and eye-catching look that will make your truck stand out from the crowd. Whether you choose a bright and vibrant hue or a more muted shade, blue wraps are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

No matter what color you choose for your wrap, be sure to select one that complements your artwork and overall aesthetic. With the right wrap, you can create a stunning and unique look that will make your truck one of a kind.

How Long Does It Take To Wrap A Car?

Wrapping a car is a long and arduous process that, depending on the complexity of the graphics, usually takes 7-9 hours to complete. In most cases, this includes the complete removal of outside trim pieces such as door handles and mirrors.

It is not uncommon for it to take 2-3 days to completely wrap a car from start to finish due to curing times between layers and waiting for all individual sections of the wrap to be applied, dried, and trimmed correctly.

price to wrap a truck

Professional installation is recommended for best results – improper wrapping techniques can lead to bubbles, wrinkles, and imperfections that are difficult or even impossible to repair down the road. Make sure to select an experienced and reputable installer for the job to ensure your wrap lasts for many years.

Preparing Your Truck to be Wrapped

Before you take your truck to be wrapped, it’s important to make sure that the surface is properly prepared. This includes cleaning the vehicle thoroughly and removing any rust or other debris from the surface.

how much does wrapping a truck cost

Once your truck is clean, you should cover all of the areas that won’t be getting wrapped with protective tape to ensure that no adhesive or wrap residue gets on them. Additionally, you should make sure to check for any imperfections in the vehicle’s paint job that could affect the overall look of your wrap.

Tips For Maintaining Your Truck Wrap

Once you’ve invested in a truck wrap, it’s important that you take cautiousness of it properly to ensure that it will last for many years. Here are some tips for maintaining your truck wrap:

Clean Regularly

This is possibly the most important step when it comes to maintaining your wrap. Cleaning regularly will help ensure that dirt, debris, and grime won’t build up on the surface, which can cause wear and tear over time.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

It may be tempting to use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on your wrap, but it’s important to avoid them as much as possible. Harsh chemicals can strip away the protective layer of the wrap, leaving it vulnerable to dirt, and debris, and fading over time.

how much does it cost to wrap a semi truck

Keep It Out Of Direct Sunlight

Exposure to direct sunlight can cause your wrap to fade over time, so it’s important to keep your truck out of direct sunlight whenever possible. This means parking in shaded areas or using a car cover when you’re not actively driving your vehicle.

Invest In Professional Repairs

If you notice any issues with your wrap, it’s best to get it professionally repaired as soon as possible. Professionals will be able to identify the problem and make any necessary repairs quickly and efficiently – saving you time, money, and potential headaches down the road.

Overall, taking proper care of your truck wrap can ensure that it looks like new for many years to come. With the right maintenance and care, your truck will be the envy of everyone on the road.

FAQs about How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Truck?

Should you choose Wrap or Paint?

The decision between paint and wrap really depends on personal preference, budget, and desired outcome. Wraps are often cheaper than a full paint job, but they do require more maintenance over time. Painting your truck is generally more expensive upfront, but it can last for many years with minimal care.

How long does a truck wrap last?

A properly cared for and installed truck wrap can last approximately five to seven years. This is dependent on the quality of the materials used, as well as the care taken when installing it.

Is wrapping a car difficult?

Wrapping a car does require precision and skill, but it’s not overly difficult for an experienced installer. It’s important to select a reputable installer for the best results. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that the surface of your truck is properly prepared before wrapping.

Car wrap vs paint which is more expensive?

Paint jobs are usually more expensive than wraps, however, the cost can vary significantly depending on the quality of materials used and the complexity of the job. Wraps are generally cheaper but require more maintenance over time.

How Big Is Your Truck?

The size and shape of your truck will have a direct impact on the cost of wrapping it. Larger vehicles typically require more materials, leading to an increased cost overall. Be sure to factor in the size of your truck when budgeting for a wrap job.

DIY Or Professional Car Wrapping?

It is possible to wrap a car yourself, however, it’s highly recommended that you work with a professional installer for the best results. Professional installers have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your truck wrap looks perfect and lasts for years.

What is the quality of Vinyl Wrap?

The quality of vinyl wrap can vary significantly. It’s important to select high-quality materials for the best results, as lower-quality wraps may fade or peel over time. Additionally, it’s important to choose an experienced and reputable installer for the best results.

What Does a Truck Wrap Include?

A truck wrap typically includes a full coverage wrap that covers the entire truck’s exterior. This includes any parts of the truck such as bumpers, hoods, and side panels. Depending on the complexity of the job, it may also include door handles, window frames, and other smaller details.

Is Wrapping a Truck Permanent?

No, wrapping a truck is not permanent. With proper care and maintenance, a wrap can last for five to seven years before needing to be replaced. After that time, the wrap will need to be removed and replaced with a new one.

Is it Difficult To Remove Truck Wraps?

Removing truck wraps can be difficult depending on the type of wrap used, as well as how long it has been on the truck. Generally speaking, it is best to leave this task up to a professional for the best results. They will have the tools and expertise necessary to properly remove the wrap without causing any damage to your vehicle.

How much does it cost to wrap an F150 truck?

The cost of wrapping an F150 truck can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the job and the quality of materials used. Generally speaking, wrap jobs for this type of truck range between $1300 and $5200. It’s important to factor in all costs before committing to any job.

Conclusion for How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Truck?

How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Truck is a comprehensive guide to help you understand the cost of wrapping a truck. The size and shape of your truck, as well as the quality of materials used, can have an impact on the overall price. Additionally, it’s important to factor in any additional costs such as professional installation fees.

With all these factors taken into consideration, you’ll be able to make an informed decision when it comes to wrapping your truck.  So take control of your project today and get started on creating the perfect custom wrap for your truck! And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and neighbors so they can benefit from this comprehensive guide on how much it costs to wrap a truck.


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